Corporate Group




DARYMA: Farming assistance

It is a farming company which offers services and support to the tomato crop and harvest activities carried out by Transa and also by other farmers collaborating with us. Its work is developed within the following fields:

· Greenhouses: where early tomato plants grow.
·  Harvest: giving support to farmers at this season.
· Sustainable farming: there are approximately 800 hectares of our own fields where sustainability techniques are getting implemented.                                                 



TOMATAGRO: Tomato paste producer

It is a tomato paste manufacturer, placed in São João da Ribeira (Rio Maior) in ) at the heart  of the tomato production areas in Portugal.

As a member of the group, this company keeps the same quality and food safety standards which Transa does.                         




Our farming activity is given on our own lands, but also on rented farms. Good part of the tomato which is transformed in our factory in Villanueva de la Serena is sustainably grown on them all.

Find the list of farms where we usually work below:

· Novillarejo
· Los Corvos
· La Malva
· Quintovaca
· La Vega
· El Retamar
· La Serrezuela
· La Jarilla
· Las Puercas
· La Copa
· El Gordillo
· El Risco