1965 Transa opened its doors

Transa was founded in 1965 thanks to the entrepreneur mind of M. Rafael Carranza Vilallonga. This family business was started by turning fresh tomato into tomato paste.

1972, a new product

Already in 1972, Transa began to produce tomato powder by using its own tomato paste as raw material. This process, very innovative at that time, was the starting point of a growing process which hasn’t stopped yet and has made ours into a leader company at the exportation of both products.

Present time

Permanent investment on the most advanced technology nowadays has led us to position as a farming and manufacturer company, taking the most advantage of our own crops and relying on sustainability, quality and food safety as self-values to offer to our customers.

Future: Sustainability

The legacy that we have received is a company working in farming and tomato manufacturing, but above all it is a SUSTAINABLE COMPANY, keeping the balance of nature. We feel lucky and proud to continue this activity, and we will instil our distinctive values to the next generations from their early days.